Handing on your life’s work

About Petrina

Petrina is passionate about all things structuring, wills and estates and will spend the time getting to know you to ensure that she can develop the estate plan to suit you and your circumstances.

Petrina loves to educate and inform her clients and the more complex it is, the better.

She knows the importance of having a plan in place having had one in place since the birth of her first child.   She recognized that without a Will if something happened to her and her husband the guardianship of her children would be left up to the Courts and her family would have to go through the additional stress of making applications and figuring out what her wishes were.  It is something she has reviewed as her life changed and the children grew up to ensure that she had a plan in place that reflected what she wanted to happen with her life’s work if she passed away.

Petrina’s experience

Petrina came to law later in life after raising her two children. Prior to following her passion for all things law, Petrina worked in senior roles in business administration, finance and human resource management. She also assisted her husband build his financial advice practice.

She completed her degree in law and accounting at James Cook University. She is a life long learner and always seeks to expand her skills and knowledge with additional study. She completed her Masters of Law (Applied Law) with a double major in Estate Planning and Wills and Estates.

Has practised predominantly in the area of wills, estates and commercial law for almost 10 years in large firms.

In 2023 (after taking some time off to attend to her carer responsibilities for her mother, Heather who has advanced dementia), Petrina decided to take a leap and turned down a partnership offer in one of Cairns’ largest and most experienced firms to commence her own practice.

The decision to commence her own practice stemmed from her desire and love of the law but needing a balance between work in law and ensuring that she maintained enough flexibility to balance her carer responsibilities.

Petrina works collaboratively with her clients and is known for talking in plain English and ensuring that information is presented in a way that her clients understand.

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